Anita can examine your pets in the comfort of their own home using your smartphone.  Your pets’ stress levels are lower, because they stay in familiar surroundings and are handled by you and not by strangers.

Also, rather than waiting two to three weeks for a face-to-face appointment, you can usually be seen within two or three days (or even sooner in emergencies), which means your pet can get appropriate treatment, fast.

However you will still need a referral from your vet.

Note: video consults are not always appropriate (see “Exceptions” below).

Benefits to owners

Video consults are cheaper option for you, the owner, than face-to-face appointments.

They also save on travel time.

Also there are more options for consulting times, so you may not need to take time off work.

Benefits to vets

Video consults can be used for referrals, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. And obviously, they can be very useful in urgent cases.

Our app works with your other professional software packages, so the data collected during the consultation can be integrated into your client’s records.

Before the consult

  • Your vet sends your pet’s clinical notes to Anita.
  • Anita then contacts you, the owner, to arrange a convenient consultation time;
  • and she sends you a link to download our app, with a unique access code to activate it.

During the consult

  • You can tell Anita more about your pet’s illness;
  • and you can send photos, videos and text messages to her.
  • Anita can examine your pet using the camera on your phone; and the app allows her zoom in to view problem areas.
  • She will then be able to diagnose the condition and suggest tests and treatments.

After the consult

  • Anita will send a detailed report to your vet describing what she’s seen, what tests she’s done (and why), the diagnosis, and a plan of what to do next (medications and/or more tests).
  • Sometimes; however, you may still need to come and see Anita so that she can do a more detailed physical examination of your pet.
  • You then liaise with your vet about starting the proposed treatment.


Unfortunately, some examinations just can’t be done via video consultation. For example, intradermal testing and ear investigations can only be done in person.

The video consults suit pet owners who have a smartphone and know how to install an app and how to switch between cameras.

Also, it only works with compliant pets that allow their owners to handle them easily.

I have had three appointments with Anita via the Linkyvet video app and it’s great. The camera turns around so Anita could see Bella, my poodle, up close, and I didn’t have to drive all the way to the surgery.”

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