• Do you need a dermatology specialist who can
    undertake detailed investigations for your clients?
  • Looking for help with urgent, difficult, non-responsive and recurrent dermatology cases?
  • Treating an animal with skincare symptoms you have never seen before?

How Anita can help

As a referral practice, Anita works in partnership with primary care vets to diagnose and treat problem cases.

Since becoming a specialist in 2004, she’s seen several thousand animals referred to her by vets across South-East England. She helps diagnose the condition, and then advises what tests are needed, and which treatment plan to follow to cure or manage each case. The animal remains under your care, in accordance with RCVS guidelines.

Vets love her, not only because she has a level of dermatology expertise that’s rare in the UK, but also because she had her own small animal veterinary practice, so she appreciates the constraints and pressures that primary care vets are under.

She understands clients’ and patients’ needs, and knows how to encourage pet owners to comply with treatment plans at home, especially those that are long-term and costly.

She takes the time to understand the animal and is extremely thorough (consultation times are generous, often lasting one hour). By collecting such detailed knowledge of the animal’s history and condition, she can give the best advice without being swayed by the newest drug to be released. Vets are also impressed by Anita’s level of communication, both with them and with their clients.

Pet owners love her because she cares about each and every animal and this shows. She explains things in simple and non-judgemental terms, which helps pet owners feel part of the process, and helps get buy-in from them to continue with (sometimes difficult) treatments.

Whether an animal is seen via the app, or at one of Anita’s clinics, pet owners retain their existing relationship with their own vet, who remains involved in the process.

Are you facing any of these dermatological cases?

Anita can advise on these conditions (and many more):

  1. Dermatology issues, including skin, ears, feet and nails, muzzle, periorbital skin, lips and nasal planum conditions
  2. Medical management of ears
  3. Video otoscopy and ear syringing
  4. Biopsies
  5. Intradermal testing
  6. In-house laboratory testing, including skin scrapes, hair plucks, tape strips, cytology, microscopy and trichography
  7. External laboratory testing, includes histo pathology, blood tests, bacteriology and testing for exotic diseases
    (e.g. Leishmania)

Three ways to use Anita’s service

  1. Video consultation. Anita can use the client’s smartphone to examine their animal at home.
  2. In-person consultation. Anita can examine the animal in person, at one of two regular clinics clinics.
  3. Helpline (vets only). Call Anita for her professional opinion and she’ll help you come to a diagnosis,
    advise on the treatment and/or suggest management options. For T&Cs that cover this service, please
    download our PDF

What pet owners say

“For me, going to Anita has been a godsend – it’s been worth every penny. She’s so willing to explain what she’s doing and why, and the reasons some things might not be right for your pet.”

Anita is an expert and told the vet how to treat Bo [a four-year-old golden cocker spaniel who had suffered a massive
auto-immune response], who was by then seriously ill. As soon as Anita got involved, the dog got better.”

“Anita is very clever and she knows her stuff – she took one look at Bella,
[eight-year-old poodle], and immediately knew what to do. My vet said she really has the gift to spot an allergy and Bella is doing well on her new diet.”

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